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About Us

Three years back I came to take addmission for my B.Tech course in the most renowned private college under WBUT(now MAKAUT) name IEM( Institue of Engineering and Management). I had no idea about this city. And being a bihari lad my father told me to do every thing alone. The biggest trouble i faced was the trouble of finding residence for stay in Kolkata. I went to many flats, many pgs and most of the time troubled by the brokers. Atlast I got into one pg (a very bad one) only to leave after one months. All this struggle remained in my mind all through.

On June 2 our college called for an emergency seminar(which i didn’t attend) regarding placements just 5 days before semester exams. I heard from my friends that they were saying that due US president Trump playing trump card against India the possibility of getting job is too low.

It was then when I reaffirmed myself that I would digitize all the day to day needs of an Indian’s life and produce lot of job oppurtunities and show those Americans and Chiness that we don’t need to depend on them for our survival. We can ourselves among us create such an independent economy that they will want to come to us for job oppurtunities.

This startup is a result of my desire of not doing any job and is supported by present day job scenario.

-CEO, Jugaar Services Pvt. Ltd. (please excuse for the name. I wanted to give a purely Indian name).


We are hiring!

Job Vacancy!
Work for-
3 days a week
3 hours a day.
And earn Rs. 2200 per month.
8 vacancies for both boys and girls.
Short Description of work :
We are a startup named ‘Jugaar Services (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
The company aims to provide various day to day services online.
We are now planning to provide Pg or Flat on rent to the students taking new admissions to various colleges in Kolkata next month.
Before that it needs to make survey of how many Pg and Flats will be available for renting during that period.
So the work is to go door to door and collect the data of vacant Pg and Flats in the area of Technopolis, Kestopur, Chingrighata and Karunamoyee. Each employee will be given a specific area.

So hurry up. WhatsApp your profile to 7557080417.

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Contact us through WhatsApp or phone call on

Mobile: 7557080417.